My name is Marika Banci, I’m 26, I have a Bachelor Degree in Modern Literature and I am studying Visual Comunication at ISIA of Urbino, the school that I find really exciting and interesting, teaching follows an engaging way in which technology and culture are combined, whose professors perform their work with passion and always are an important encouragement to put more into play and improve myself. I think that Erasmus could be a really important experience to my training and a more thorough knowledge of the way in which the field of graphics actually lives in different background. Besides the importance that have the language skills for me, what I would mainly investigate are skills that some of the proposed schools can give to because I found very interesting the typography and illustration courses, the pictures of the work of the students are really interesting for me. I’d like to explore in depth the world of illustration, trying all the techniques, also vector drawing in which I attempt occasionally. The interest for the publishing industry is extremely strong: in particular the creation of type and all that concerns the typography and page layout on paper and web. The abroad experience is essential and fundamental as a moment of personal and cultural enrichment, a necessary step for a growth in professional and artistic level. An important moment of confrontation with reality and a different teaching, people and professionals from a different social and cultural context.  < come back to home
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